Here is an example of how it works:


Depreciating a property with a cost segregation study allows for big increases in tax deductions, even within the first five years.


Assume a combined tax rate of 41% and a return on investment factor of 8%. Now shift every $100,000 of appropriate costs from a 39-year property depreciation rate to a five-year property depreciation rate. The shift creates a present value tax benefit of approximately $22,000. Now, take every $100,000 of appropriate costs that can be shifted from 39-year property depreciation rate to 15-year property depreciation rate. You get a present value tax benefit of about $12,000. At Frenex, we carefully comb through all your assets, finding every bit of savings you deserve!


Do you know which of your assets are appropriate to a five, seven, or 15- year depreciation rate? Do you have the time to find out? Frenex can quickly and effectively identify tax savings and increase your cash flow for exciting projected growth. Call us for a consultation at (866) 407-GROW (4769). Add Frenex’s smart capabilities to your company. We can save you money.

Where Will You Save Money? Here’s a sample of assets and the savings that can be earned through Frenex’s Cost Segregation study


Depreciation Source  Savings

Offices  12 to 25%

Apartments  20 to 30%

Retail Stores  15 to 32%

Auto Dealerships  20 to 35%

Restaurants  23 to 40%

Medical Facilities  25 to 43%

Manufacturing Facilities  30 to 60%


Customized Segregation Studies to Fit Your Expansion Plans


The optimum time for Frenex to do your Cost Segregation study is during construction, purchasing or remodeling. Proper timing can limit your outlay expenses and keep resources close to your fingertips.

But remember, a cost segregation study can be done at any time – even after your remodeling or construction project is complete. In fact, Frenex employs Internal Revenue Service guidelines to claim any missed depreciation on assets as far back at 1987 – without amending any prior tax returns! Even if your money left your company’s pockets, we can get it back where it belongs.


Our free preliminary analysis is an easy way to estimate how much you can benefit. Contact Frenex today to find out how we can help at (866) 407-GROW (4769).


The Frenex Story: Reinforcing Success, Enabling Growth


At Frenex, we got a call from the joint owner of a successful business in the fast lane. In a subsequent meeting with the four principal partners, we listened to their situation. At once, we knew we’d seen the situation before:

Their small company was in the midst of exciting, rapid growth; it expanded from one site to five within three years. Over the next four years, it rode a ferocious tide of growth that brought on another round of investments. With the adrenaline rush of success, the four company principals worked long nights in strategic planning sessions, eagerly anticipating regional saturation within the next five years.


But with the focus on the future, the company was hemorrhaging costs. Purchases weren’t optimized based on scale. Taxes were higher than they needed to be. Transportation costs were over-budget due to seemingly haphazard overtime. Suddenly the company faced unforeseen complications. The added costs put the entire project in jeopardy.

Yet the fast growth of their company left the partners without the time or infrastructure to self-audit and identify solutions to the problem. They needed someone smart, capable, and just as fast as they were; No top-heavy, lumbering auditing firm would do.


They found Frenex.


At Frenex we know that it takes more than momentum and growth to succeed. To truly find long-term, sustainable success, your company needs to save money, cut costs, recover revenue and enhance performance. At Frenex, our smart capabilities span a variety of services designed to ensure your money works for you.


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