Smart Services that Save You Money


Accounts Payable Audits

Are you paying more than you should? Are you getting what you are owed? Don’t let revenue slip away. You can still recoup lost payments. Frenex offers services that verify the integrity of the amounts paid through your accounting division. Our techniques red-flag duplicate payments and vendors, overlooked discounts, and trumped-up invoices, and fully comply with the Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS). Better yet, once our findings are confirmed, we’ll recover the money for you. Frenex frees you from the tedious work of reviewing monthly vendor statements, and enables your staff to focus on getting full payment for your work.


Freight Management

Are your distribution channels as efficient as they can be? With high energy and labor costs, our research on the most effective routes and staffing can make a huge difference in your bottom line. We track the rates of ground shipping carriers such as UPS, FedEx, USPS and DHL so you don’t miss the chance for substantial savings.


Here are just a few of the areas where Frenex saves you money:

• Rate Negotiation

• Insurance Costs

• Global Distribution

• Carrier Usage Analysis

• Shipping Patterns and Fees

• Air Freight Charges


Travel Cost Management

Are you really getting the best rates? Travel costs can be one of your top expenditures. Evaluating all opportunities for savings can boost your bottom line. Frenex provides a complete, private, and impartial analysis of all your company’s travel expenditures to ensure your costs are on par with the competition.


Utility Cost Management

Don’t dismiss your utility costs as uncontrollable! Frenex’s analysis of utility expenditures can identify new areas to save you money. Here’s our one-two punch: In today’s de-regulated marketplace, Frenex finds the lowest unit costs and stays on top of the rates, so you don’t pay more than the market dictates. Plus, Frenex scours your utility bills, finding the inevitable errors and correcting them—putting money back in your pocket where it belongs! At Frenex, we believe in finding ways for your company to use energy more efficiently, eliminating wasteful practices that benefit no one. The result of this smart strategy is big annual savings. Now, how would you really like to invest that cash?


Healthcare Audits

Healthcare. The word is enough to send shivers down a spine. Today, healthcare costs amount to one-eighth of the economy, yet it’s one of the least audited company expenditures. Why? Because healthcare is enormously complex; it’s daunting to keep staff up-to-date on the constantly changing procedures. Common ailments of the system? Overpayment, duplicate payments, unimplemented benefits and treatment coding errors. It’s enough to make us sick. Frenex evaluates the cost/benefits of your healthcare plan, to make sure your employees get the coverage you pay for, and to make sure you don’t pay for benefits twice.


Property Taxes and Depreciation

At Frenex, our proprietary Cost Segregation Study identifies savings of thousands of dollars in property taxes and depreciation each year. Your assets depreciate at different rates, providing for substantial savings. The trick is knowing where to look.


Smart Services that Save You Money


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Smart Services that Save You Money